About Evelyn

I bring behavioral insights out of academia and into the real world, helping product teams drive business outcomes and customer value.

As a product manager at the beginning of my career, I quickly saw the potential of behavioral science to transform products. I soon took up the mantle full time, and have since worked with TikTok, Google, Airbnb, Procter & Gamble, The World Bank, Microsoft, Intuit, and Indeed, implemented scalable behavioral training programs at companies such as Aetna, and been written about by the New York Times and Chicago Sun.

I’m a frequent speaker, media guest, and noted expert wherever behavioral economics intersects with real people’s needs—and I’m also an outsider who will challenge your company and product to do better and grow faster. Try me.

Behavioral Science

Behavioral science can build behavior change into the core of your organization’s product and DNA. Learn more about how it can become your superpower.

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We humans are irrational creatures. But by understanding the 200+ biases, heuristics, and psychologies that influence us, we can change behavior for the better.

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Discover talks I’ve given and podcasts I’ve been a guest on, as well as interviews, articles, and other thought leadership I’ve published.

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Evelyn is a top-notch, super-engaging speaker that delighted our Google Play audience.

Josh Solt
Head of Apps Merchandising, Google

Evelyn has a strong product and design sense and helped us more clearly see our customers’ point of view.

Chris Cosgrove
Head of Product, Square

Evelyn is brilliant at translating academic insights into product implementation ideas. She has tremendously impacted our design, product, strategy, and business.

Kamila Staryga
CEO and Cofounder, Rita Health

Evelyn is nothing short of INCREDIBLE! I’m impressed at how engaging and interactive she is, and how much she weaves in our own products into the workshop.

Lauren Polkow
Senior Director of Product, Glassdoor

Evelyn opened our eyes to what was really driving our customers’ behavior, transforming our business at scale.

Philip Levin